Are you still out there?

Social media takes a lot of time. Somehow, I dropped the ball on blogging. I’m not sure blogging is even the “thing to do” anymore. I’d love to know what my followers think –if I even still have any followers.

Do you read blogs? Do you like them? Do you prefer blogs to other forms of social media?

If you prefer Facebook, have you joined our Facebook GROUP – – which we call the River Place Quilt & Sew Club? This is the best venue for getting information to you via Facebook, since our River Place Quilt & Sew Page doesn’t appear in your newsfeed as often as we’d like it to.

Is Twitter your thing? You can follow us on Twitter: @RiverPlaceQS.

Is there another media you prefer? Any and all feedback is appreciated.

Thanks! By the way – this is the last Sunday we’ll be open. If you’re still row-by-rowing, come on in! We still have kits for our row, reasonably priced at $14.99 for laser-cut, pre-fused pieces.

CCGS Samuel Risley - Sunrise


9 responses to “Are you still out there?

  1. Kris Dombrowski

    Hello Margaret, I’m still out here!  Thanks for asking.  I faithfully read your emails and posts on facebook.  Not sure where to get your blog, don’t know how to twitter! Kris Dombrowski  

  2. Hi, Kris:

    I’m LOL, because you must have signed up to get my blog — it’s the only way you would have seen this. I’m not much on Twitter, either, but trying to learn. Thanks for your feedback.


  3. Hi Margaret   I got your email and for me I prefer email or facebook.  I never look at the other sites.  I look at my email and facebook everyday.   Vonnie

  4. I’m still here. I miss the weekly:

    “Tips and Techniques Tuesday’s”
    “Thirsting for Knowledge Thursdays”

  5. I don’t tweet, twitter, twist or turn! I do like FB even tho it let’s me see what it wants to. All information is appreciated because sitting down at the computer is my taking a break time from packing, cleaning fixing getting ready to move! I wanna sew again!!!!!!!

  6. Hi Margaret
    Thanks for your email. I am not on Facebook but did enjoy your newsletter or info sent in e-mails. Halina

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