What’s Up?

Saturday is Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day. Don’t forget – you get a Margaret Money just for coming in that day. Spend some money, get more Margaret Money. Show us YOUR picture in OUR store on OUR Facebook page, get another Margaret Money. It’s win-win for you and for us. Just in case you’re counting – we’ve given away more than 100 MMs (Margaret Moneys) in less than a week. You want to be sure you have a lot of those MMs in your possession when we hold our auction. And — once you have TEN MMs, you can order your personalized wallet, which will be custom-made FOR you, BY us!

Mark your calendar for our Mystery Quilt – Wednesday, February 12. Here’s a hint: The quilt will finish at approximately 70″ x 90″. There is prep work involved, so don’t wait too long to sign up. And remember to ask for your MM when you register and pay for the class!

Nina is teaching the Margo Bag on February 4 and 18 (two session class). This class has been scheduled by special request – be sure to register for it soon.

You can see the rest of our class schedule here or here.

See you at RPQS!


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