Monday, January 13, 2014

I believe we’re in the midst of a January Thaw! The thermometer on my front porch reads 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The grass is peeking through the snow in some places. I see puddles in the street. If the temperature drops, we’ll have ice!

I’ve been working on store samples. I have one part of a reversible jacket put together. It’s for the Shawl Jacket class we’re holding in March. The second sample I need to work on is the Spa Therapy bags for the class on March 8. The sooner I get this sample finished, the better. I hope to make more than one, so I have one set to use at home! 

Watch our newsletter for information on a Pinterest Party. No date yet. Just ideas, floating around our heads.

My mom’s broken shoulder is healed. No more sling! Time for four weeks of physical therapy. She’s an amazing woman.

Missy has decided she needs to bark at the train when it whistles. Why? Sigh.

We have lots going on at River Place. We have lots of new fabrics. We look forward to seeing you soon.


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