Margaret’s Monday Mash-Ups – 11/19/12

I’d like to send a huge thank you to the wonderful people who came out to support our Open House. I hope you enjoyed the make-and-takes – and thank you to Diane, Brenda, and Deanna for directing our makers and takers!!

I wonder what you’re all doing for Thanksgiving. I am staying home. I’m not going visiting. I’m not cooking a big meal. I’m resting. I plan to sleep in, read, play on the computer, sew if I feel like it, and just enjoy a day off. I’m not even sure I’ll run a load of laundry – but we’ll see!

And then, back to it Friday. Last year, many of you surprised me by shopping at River Place on Black Friday. Some of you said you don’t like the crowds, so you came my way. Thank you! We had a great Black Friday! If you feel like shopping  here again, we will be here, ready to serve!

And then, of course, Saturday is Small Business Saturday. This is the day we are all supposed to support our local small businesses. If you haven’t already, take a few minutes to consider what your life would be like without small businesses. Imagine having to drive to Port Huron every time you need groceries, a prescription, an oil change, a restaurant meal, gasoline, a haircut, a greeting card, a bottle of pop . . . the list just continues to grow. Every small business contributes greatly to your community and to your tax base. And every small business needs REVENUE to stay in business. Support your local small business – and don’t forget, River Place Quilt & Sew is one of them.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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