Margaret’s Monday Mash-ups – 11/5/12

A lot can happen in a week, can’t it? Most of you know my mom lives with Dennis and me. Last Wednesday, at seven in the morning, I heard her fall. Thank God, she didn’t break any bones; but she was sore and needed assistance. I stayed home with her to care for her and her puppy, take her to a doctor appointment and to the hospital for x-rays, and make sure she would be cared for over the weekend while I was away (more on that in a minute). That meant I was unable to be in the store. I apologize to anybody who came in for a class or an appointment; I was not in the proper frame of mind, and forgot to check my calendar.

My mom is FINE today. How do I know? She told me. “I’m FINE!” was her response to my “How are you feeling this morning?” She’s pretty feisty, and she does NOT like to be dependent on anybody – for anything! So, it’s back to work for me!

My weekend was spent at Lake Huron Retreat Center with other members of my quilt guild. I re-created a block for a quilt I made my daughter several years ago. It looks good – now I have to quilt it so it looks like it was always there! I also worked on the Stitcher’s Garden borders. These are the borders that just do not end!

Lake Huron, weekend of November 2,3,4 2012

Part of Bridget’s quilt – Simple Pleasures pattern by Beth Ferrier



One response to “Margaret’s Monday Mash-ups – 11/5/12

  1. I imagine you wouldn’t allow everyone to be waiting on you, either…at least past the first day. Hope she recovers quickly. Live your quilt for Bridget!

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