Margaret’s Monday Mash-Ups – 10/29/12

It’s a windy morning! Our front door keeps blowing open. How about if the next time it blows open, you come in to shop?

The quilters from Thousand Trails were here this weekend, and as always, we shared a few laughs. I joined them for their cookout Saturday night and was able to see all their projects. These women sew – a lot!!! Sally does most of her sewing (all of her sewing?) by hand. By HAND!!! And she does it well. Wow. Many thanks to the Thousand Trails quilters – for the money they spend in my store AND for the friendship they offer.

I had a little fun last night, making the cutest little “outfits” for my mom’s and my neighbor’s puppies. Can’t wait to show pictures of the dogs in the outfits – but shown below are the fancy little outfits I chose. My fabrics for Missy’s “dress” is different – but way cuter!! From Moose B Stitchin.

For Sammy

For Missy


2 responses to “Margaret’s Monday Mash-Ups – 10/29/12

  1. What adorable outfits for the dogs! I have a small dog. Do you make them for friends? LOL We did have fun this weekend and we all truly enjoy coming to your shop. I always find something that I just HAVE to have and the best part is the fun people who work there. Thanks!

  2. The outfits are fantastic!! Wish I could have come but couldn’t. When I diminish the number of quilts in the making, I’ll be in for some new goodies. Let’s target end of year…2012!

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