Margaret’s Monday Mash-Ups – 10/1/12


October first? Really? I’m still not reconciled with the loss of August! And I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter! I guess I’ll jump in with both feet, and see where this last quarter of the year takes me.

Dennis and I bought my Mom a puppy for her birthday. Our little Shih Tzu, Missy, came home Friday to live with us. By Saturday night, she was feeling more comfortable with us. She follows Mom around like a . . . well, like a puppy dog! Too cute! And yes, I just might turn into one of those obnoxious dog owners, talking about her and showing pictures whether you want to hear or not. Ugh. Don’t you hate those people?

This week, we are finishing up our preparations for Quilts on the Grand. Diane and Kelley will be in Grand Rapids with me, working the show. The shop is still open, so if you can’t make it to Michigan‘s west side, come in and ask what new kits and samples we took with us.

Stitcher’s Club meets this afternoon at 1:00. These ladies share lots of laughs over their needlework. If you’re looking for a fun group to join, try them out today.

Our tree skirt class has been canceled. Janome Owners and Serger Club will not meet this week; I will be in Grand Rapids. Unless . . . does somebody else want to lead the groups?

Have a great week. By the way — did you find our coupon in our newsletter last week?



One response to “Margaret’s Monday Mash-Ups – 10/1/12

  1. CORRECTION: Stitcher’s Club meets at 2:30 today, not 1:00. Thanks, Lynn Foster, for catching this.

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