Tips and Techniques Tuesdays – 9/18/12

Thanks, Diane, for sharing this video. It teaches how to hem jeans – using the original hem!!



3 responses to “Tips and Techniques Tuesdays – 9/18/12

  1. Oh wow, Diane! Last evening I hemmed one pair of jeans. Two broken needles later I finished a grandly messy job. Tonight the second pair needs to be altered and I’ll use this new method. Thank you!!

  2. I’ve been doing this for a while now. There are a few things the video doesn’t mention. 1. If you’re going to top stitch after so they stay straight, you need to use thread that’s an exact match.
    2. If you’re shortening the jeans more than an inch, then before you start, fold the bottom of the leg up to see if there a taper. If the point where you’re sewing to is wider than the original hem, you can’t use this method.

  3. Excellent point, Leslie. Thanks!

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