Fabric Fridays – 8/23/12


This isn’t fabric, but when you’re making purses, placemats, table runners, and other items that need great body and stability, ByAnnie’s Soft and Stable is the go-to product! Use it as you would use batting, and eliminate other interfacings.

Soft and Stable is 100% polyester, and can be machine washed and dried. Your projects will hold their shape and look new, wash after wash. This product is MADE IN THE USA!!! The product is 58″ wide. Diane will be working on a store sample with it today – and we have several patterns that would be wonderful made up with this product.

Some fun facts:

(source: SHOP Etc SEPTEMBER 2006)

Bag of Tricks
Get carried away by these stats, facts and quirky quotes about the almighty handbag.

1 in 10
Number of women willing to spend $150 or more on a handbag.

The highest price that a luxury handbag (the Hermes Birkin) sold for on eBay.

Percentage of women who would spurge on a handbag if they could choose only one designer item. Only 9% would choose shoes.

Man Purse
The name might have negative connotations now, but back in the 1800s, purses were small bags used to hold coins. Only men carried them.

5 lbs 9 oz.
Weigh of the average SHOP Etc staffer’s handbag.

3 lbs
Weight of the average woman’s handbag.

Number of bags Marc Jacobs has named after models, including the “Daria” (Werbowy), “Karolina” (Kurkova) and “Christy” (Turlington).

Number of handbags the average woman owns.

Amount the average woman spent on her last handbag.

Gucci Medium Boston Bag
Fendi B.Bag
Louis Vuitton Baggy PM Denim Bag
The three most-requested “rental” bags on bagborroworsteal.com.

“No woman I know
could ever be a terrorist. Put a bomb in a Gucci bag? Oh, no way!” — Joan Rivers

3 in 4 women
Have a “favorite” handbag.

Handbagging (v: to bruise)
Origin: Margaret Thatcher’s no-holds-barred debating style and her lust for handbags.
Meaning: Her words had left her opponent as metaphorically bruised as if she had swung her handbag at him.


2 responses to “Fabric Fridays – 8/23/12

  1. I know a lot of sewists who make beautiful purses out of scraps (free!) or with River Place Fabric for a nominal fee. Women pay $42 average? What are they, nuts or something?

  2. At 10:48 p.m. on THURSDAY, August 23, I just now realized that I posted a Fabric Friday on a Thursday. Whew. LOOOONNNG day.

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