Thirsting for Knowledge Thursdays – 8/9/12

Today is interactive. I am thirsting for knowledge, and hope you can help. If you could have only one ruler in your sewing/quilting room, which would you choose? Thanks in advance to all of you who take the time to answer.


5 responses to “Thirsting for Knowledge Thursdays – 8/9/12

  1. I honestly don’t think I could survive with just one. I can count four different types off hand that I use daily, and an actual count of eight that I use for various things.

    I’m very curious to see if anyone can get by with just one.

  2. I actually have two favorites from the same company. They are Nifty Notions which I got from a class I went to with Kaye England. One is 4″ x 14″ and the other 8″ by 14″. Some how the extra little bit both ways works well for me. Also the quarter inch lines are a different color which helps.

  3. I have 2 creative grid rulers that I use constantly–18.5 inch and 12.5 inch…..I also have others that I would be lost without as well….guess there isn’t just one…

  4. If I could only have one it would be the O’Lipfa Lip Edge Ruler 5×24. It’s the one I use the most, but there are most certainly others that I would miss….12.5 x 12.5, 6.5 x 6.5, etc. I really couldn’t live with one!

  5. I would be lost with out my 24 x 61/2 Omni Grid and my Fiskars 2 x 14 clear ruler they help me the most when Im customizing things

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