Tips and Techniques Tuesdays – 7/24/12

I know this, but I don’t always remember it. Maybe you know it and have forgotten, also.

There is a “right side” and a “wrong side” of the eye of a needle. If you are having a difficult time threading your needle, turn it so the other side of the eye is toward your thread, and try again.

Instead of moistening the thread, which causes the fibers to swell, moisten the eye of the needle. It will attract the thread to it.

Thread the needle with the end that comes off the spool first. Thread, too, has a right way and a wrong way. Cut the thread at an angle with a pair of sharp scissors.

Put something white behind the needle; it makes seeing the eye that much easier.

Happy Stitching!



One response to “Tips and Techniques Tuesdays – 7/24/12

  1. I didnot know this, could have a saved a lot of cussing & frustration thru the years! Thanks, it’s the simple things that sometimes help the most.

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