Tips and Techniques Tuesdays – 7/3/12


Exciting New Accessory: Perfect Alignment Laser


Makes it so easy to align hoops, quilt squares, and design templates with zero marking.

The Perfect Alignment Laser is one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” inventions. It’s precise, simple to use, and eliminates the need for marking on your fabric in a number of common embroidery situations.

The device looks like a little reading lamp. When you press the ON button it projects two red laser beams in the shape of a cross wherever you have it pointed. They look like two bright red threads of light. Laser light, for you non-scientists, is specially generated so it can travel great distances without dispersing. Note: Never look directly into a laser beam.

Accurate Hooping For Embroidery

  1. Set the PAL on your sewing table and turn it on.
  2. Using a square ruler or cutting mat, adjust the PAL so that it’s perfectly squared.
  3. Set the outer ring of your embroidery hoop on your cutting mat, positioning it so the laser cross perfectly aligns with the four sides of the hoop.
  4. On your fabric place a target sticker where you want the center of the hoop to be.
  5. Place your fabric on the hoop, moving it until it’s perfectly aligned.
  6. Insert the inner hoop, using the laser cross to help you make fine adjustments.

And you’re ready to embroider.

To see this demonstrated as well as other ways to use the PAL to align embroidery, watch this brief YouTube video.

We now have them in stock!

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