Thirsting for Knowledge Thursdays – 6/14/12

I was wondering if it’s really necessary to purchase batting made specially for use in potato bags and other microwavable cooking bags. The Warm Company, makers of Warm & Natural batting, offer a product called Warm Tater. It isn’t chemically treated, making it better for use in potato bags.

I have a potato bag, and I love potatoes cooked in it. Below is a link to The Warm Company’s website, in case you want to read more about Warm Tater. My question to you is, do you make potato bags, and is this a product I should carry in the store?

The Warm Company



One response to “Thirsting for Knowledge Thursdays – 6/14/12

  1. I don’t use a potato bag because it would be something else to be washed regularly. I’m not sure of the purpose of it.

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