Margaret’s Monday Mash-Ups – 6/4/12

What a weekend! My nephew, Chris, got married Saturday night. All but one of my siblings attended the wedding. It was windy and cloudy when we all gathered outside for the ceremony, and suddenly, the sun broke through and shone gloriously. Chris and Morgan wanted to “dismiss” their guests row-by-row, and had just dismissed the first row (the important one, including parents and grandparents) when a storm blew up. We all ran for the banquet center, which was in a beautiful old building at Walden Woods in Hartland, Michigan, and proceeded to enjoy an evening of toasts, a delicious meal, drinks, and many wonderful conversations.

Yesterday, my brother and his wife returned to spend one more night with us before leaving for home today. In addition, my nephew, his wife, and their four children arrived to spend the next week and more in our “Hotel Hall,” which is an apartment over our garage. It’s great to have everybody in town. I know Tim and Molly will be very busy seeing friends and relatives before Tim leaves Wednesday (he has to go back to work), and then Molly and the kids will see even more friends and family while enjoying the beautiful Michigan weather. Not to worry – they love rain!!!

It’s that time again; our vendors are making appointments to show us what we missed at Quilt Market. We haven’t received all the fabric we ordered on the last go-round, and it’s time to order even more. This is one of the most fun parts of this occupation; looking at samples of all the fabrics available for our next quilting projects.

We have a paper-piecing class scheduled tomorrow evening. I will teach Carol Doak’s method – we still have room in the class, so call today if you’re interested. Stitcher’s Garden meets Friday at 10, and Dakota Club meets Saturday at 11. If you haven’t already purchased your CD for Dakota Club, please come in early this week so you can be ready for Saturday’s project.

Next week is our FAT QUARTER BLOW-OUT sale. This sale runs for a week, but if you want the best selection of fat quarters, you’ll want to come in earlier rather than later. Fat quarters will be $1.99 up to 24; purchase 25 or more, and the price drops to $1.85.

Happy Monday! Hope to see you this week.


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