Margaret’s Monday Mash-Ups – 5/14/12

I hope everybody had a wonderful Mother’s Day. I did! I arrived home Saturday night from the One Stop Shop Hop (more later) around 10:30. There on the kitchen table was the most beautiful vase of flowers – lilies, roses (very unusual and gorgeous color), and more – with a card that read “To Mom and Grandma.” There was more, of course, from my sweet, wonderful, thoughtful son. Then I found a very thick envelope, addressed to me. Inside were two cards – one for Grammie, and one for me. My card included a couple gift cards – can’t wait to use them! My sweet, wonderful, thoughtful daughter was responsible for these. I am so happy that both my children remembered both me and their Grandma in such sweet ways. It’s the little things like this that bring the tear to your eye and help you realize that you must have done something right when raising your children.

One of my sisters (Leslie) and her husband (Timmie) joined Dennis and me to take Mom to dinner at the Voyageur. We had a wonderful dinner, and went back to our house to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Of course, I talked to both of the kids, which made me smile. I miss them.

So, the One Stop Shop Hop. It was wonderful. Those of you who went last August will remember it was very HOT in the arena. This year, because we held the Hop in May, the temperature was perfect.  Don’t be afraid to join us next year. Twenty-four shops participated this year, and the shoppers were a lot of fun. Most of them came between the hours of ten and two, so the afternoons got a little long (that’s a hint – if you don’t like crowds, come after two o’clock). I was asked to be part of the planning process for next year’s shop hop, so I will be able to keep you up-to-date as plans are made.

This afternoon is Stitcher’s Garden. Embroidery Club is scheduled for tomorrow; however, there was not enough interest, so we will not be having a meeting. PMS is Wednesday. I have had no response at this time; unless I have a flurry of interest before three today that, too, will be cancelled. Stitcher’s Garden meets on Friday for those of you who don’t make it today.

It has been suggested that we suspend all clubs for the summer, since interest is waning. I believe many of you are enjoying the beautiful weather and would rather not commit to classes and clubs at this time. Please send your thoughts so we can make an informed decision.

Thank you, all of you, for your continued support for River Place Quilt & Sew.


4 responses to “Margaret’s Monday Mash-Ups – 5/14/12

  1. I don’t want to stop doing my stitchers garden blocks this summer but will abid by the majority.

  2. We will not stop Stitcher’s Garden for the summer. This refers only to PMS, Elm Creek Quilts club, Sew Your Heart Out, Embroidery Club, Software Club, Serger Club, and Janome Club. Our new Stitcher’s Club (hand-embroidery) will also continue to meet through the summer.

    Please, leave feedback, everybody. We will continue all clubs and get-togethers if there is enough participation, but we need to hear from you!

  3. Roberta Draft

    I’m interested in the embroidery club. Is that the one that Lynn Foster is teaching?

  4. Lynn is leading the new Stitcher’s Club.

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