Thirsting for Knowledge Thursdays – 4/12/12

I found a new (to me) book and fell in love. Had to have it. Bought it, brought it home, and ordered it into the store. It is called “Crazy-Quilted Memories” by Brian Haggard. The subtitle reads, “Beautiful Embroidery Brings Your Family Portraits to Life.” We’ve almost sold out of the book, but will re-order it as long as it is selling.

In Chapter Four of the book, Brian Haggard talks about Cotton twill PhotoFabric (CTPF) from Crafter’s Image. He calls it his favorite brand of photo-transfer fabric, and says it comes on a roll with a paper backing so it can be used in an inkjet printer. I’ve never heard of the fabric before, so of course, I am researching it!

If you have any experience with, or interest in, this product, please send me an email or comment below. I’ll try to keep you posted in MY “thirst for knowledge.”

Have a great day!


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