Tips and Techniques Tuesdays – 4/10/12

We will soon begin our “A Gardener’s Alphabet” block of the month. This is a hand-stitched quilt, and we will use crayons to color the blocks. Of course, we have to learn how to use crayons on fabric!

If you want to have some fun experimenting, here are some general guidelines:

Use a Micron Pigma pen to trace your design. Color the area heavily with white crayon. Use your colored crayons over the white. Mistakes can be corrected by making a past of baking soda and water, and rubbing the crayon off the fabric with a Q-tip. Rinse the area and let it dry.

Shade more heavily around the edges. When all the color tinting is complete, heat set the color. Lay a white paper towel over the tinted area and press with a hot iron. If any color is on the towel, get a clean one and repeat until no color transfers to the toweling.

What kind of crayons, you ask? Why, Crayola, of course!

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