Thirsting for Knowledge Thursday – 3/29/12

Did you know that Janome has a ruffler foot? It’s called the Ultimate Ruffler. Here’s what Janome’s website has to say: “Although at first sight a ruffler may appear bulky and complicated, its innovative design actually makes it very easy to use. This design allows fabric to be ruffled or pleated to the desired fullness quickly and easily and also has the capability to vary the sizes of ruffles.”

While we do not have this product in stock, it can be ordered upon request.

Diane McCallum made this purse and added the ruffles using this foot!


One response to “Thirsting for Knowledge Thursday – 3/29/12

  1. I have a ruffler foot and I love it! It does look a little complicated, but its not. Once you get the hang of putting the foot on and adjusting to the size ruffle or pleat you want, it just goes! Worth every penny spent on one!

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