Thirsting for Knowledge Thursday – 2/16/12

We have four different colors and patterns of vinyl fabric in the store, which are perfect for a variety of projects! The fabric is waterproof and comes in extra wide bolts.

Some ideas for using vinyl fabric:

  • Make raincoats
  • Create a “quilt block” and use it as the cover for a folding chair
  • Make tablecloths or table runners
  • Cover pillows or tables on a boat, dock, patio, porch, etc.
  • Use as a table cover for messy projects, such as arts & crafts or cooking
  • Make beach bags

Create a "quilt block" like this and cover the seat of a chair!

There are endless opportunities to use vinyl fabric in a variety of ways!


One response to “Thirsting for Knowledge Thursday – 2/16/12

  1. I just want to clarify – this is laminated fabric. It is 100% cotton fabric that has a laminate coating on one side. I apologize for not catching this before it posted.

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