Tips and Techniques Tuesday – 2/14/12

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you have time today, make the project I’ve described below. Bring it in to River Place Quilt & Sew before the end of this month and receive 30% off your purchase of one regularly-priced item. Your project will become part of a quilt that will be added to the items we plan to auction on December 1; so you can collect River Place Bucks and come back to purchase your project. I’m smiling as I imagine the mixed reactions in my reading audience today. I hope you will “play” our game.

Using one Wash-Away Applique Sheet (available at River Place and soon on our website), draw an eight-inch heart. Any kind of heart you like. Just make it approximately eight inches by eight inches.

Next, iron the heart to the back of a piece of red fabric. Cut approximately 1/4″ outside your drawn line. Using a  Bohin glue stick (soon to be available at River Place and on our website) or a Fons & Porter glue stick (currently available at River Place), glue the 1/4″ seam allowance of your fabric to the applique sheet, carefully folding the edges over so they are smooth.

Applique your heart to a 9-1/2″ square of white fabric, using your favorite applique method. We do carry Invisafil thread, which is 100 weight and “melts” into your background, giving your work a “hand-stitched” look.

Enjoy your week! Rachel has the Blog covered through Saturday, so look for me again on Monday.


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