Tips and Techniques Tuesdays – 11/1/11

I’ve probably told you before about Mary Ellen’s Best Press starch alternative. Many of us have made it a point to never run out of this great product. What do we use it for?

When we are making an applique block, the first thing we do is spray the background piece several times, pressing in between. This gives the fabric more body and more stability, making it easier to work with.

Another place we always use Best Press is when we are making binding for our quilts. Remember how we cut our strips at 2-1/2″ or 2-1/4″? And then we stitch them at an angle to make a continuous piece of binding? And then we fold it wrong sides together and press? AHA! This is when we use the Best Press. As we fold and press our binding, we spray it with Mary Ellen’s Best Press, and the binding is firmer and easier to work with when attaching it to our quilt. Bonus – the crease is more defined.



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