Margaret’s Monday Mash-Ups – 10/31/11

Happy Halloween! The pumpkin was carved by my kids last year, when they were both home (Bridget from California, and Jake from college). We had a great time that weekend, but both of them had returned to their respective “other” homes before Trick-or-Treat night. And actually, we were not home for Trick-or-Treat either, because we were at the funeral home. My husband’s brother had passed away. While we were mourning Bill, we were worrying about my brother, Mike, who had broken his neck in a car accident.

This year, we will be handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters. I took my mom shopping at Meijer yesterday. We went because we needed candy to pass out. We also needed many other things, I found out once we were there.

When we returned home, I had every intention of working. I have several things I need to have finished for River Place this week. So I sat down at the computer to work. I was so distracted, however. Distracted because my kids were participating in a Warrior Dash and I wanted to know how they did. (They did great!!!) Distracted because my friend Kelley turned me on to a silly game called Angry Birds, and it was calling me to play. Distracted because I have eight people waiting for me to take my turn in Words With Friends. Distracted because it was Sunday, my only day off, and I really didn’t want to work, I guess. So I refreshed my browser every five or ten minutes to see if the kids’ times had been posted, played Angry Birds, played Words With Friends, and read my book. All on my computer, sitting at the kitchen table.

Have a Happy Halloween, and come in to see me soon.


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