Margaret’s Monday Mash-Ups – 9/19/11

   Good morning! It’s a lovely rainy day here in East China, Michigan. This is the kind of day that is perfect for curling up on the couch with a cozy quilt, a book, and a hot cup of coffee, tea, cocoa . . . your choice, of course!

  Yesterday was my mom’s birthday. She was 82. She asked all of her kids not to send a gift or a card, and not to come over – but just to call her. Boy, did she get the phone calls! I have seven siblings. Each of them called — at least once, and some twice! Then there are the grandchildren — she heard from at least seven of them! Don’t forget her friends, who also wished her well. At the end of the day, after she hung up from the last phone call, she told me her day was perfect. She spent it just the way she wanted to . . . quietly, without any fuss.

   I understand perfectly. Sometimes, when many people surround us with love and laughter, the activity becomes overwhelming. I think there are times when we enjoy our families more one-on-one, rather than all at once, especially when there are so many members.

   By the way – I took her on a short shopping trip, and she bought BOOTS! That means the cold, wet weather is on its way!


2 responses to “Margaret’s Monday Mash-Ups – 9/19/11

  1. Margaret, please give your mom my best wishes for her birthday, belatedly.
    She’s one special lady!

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