Thirsting for Knowledge Thursday – 9/8/11

I returned home safely from Janome Institute. The store looks wonderful! Special thanks to Diane, Kelley, Janet, Joy, Leslie, Sandy, and Rachel for the work you did. I love everything you did. You ladies rock!

I have so much to share, and it’s difficult to decide what should be first. I guess one of the things I loved learning about was heirloom sewing. There are so many stitches on our Janome machines that can be used to create beautiful keepsakes for our future generations. Have you ever used a wing needle? I demonstrated this needle in a Janome Club earlier this year, and loved it then. Now that I took a class on heirloom sewing, I love it even more. Ask to see a demonstration of these techniques the next time you are in the store. Maybe you, too, will fall in love with heirloom stitching. If you’re already there, how about sharing some of your work with the rest of us?

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