My day started early with a seven a.m. meeting. It was difficult to be enthusiastic that early, but after seeing many more features of the new 1

    2000, I went to my first class with great excitement. The morning was so exciting. We learned all about the sewing functions of the new machine. After a Janome-provided lunch and a tour through the vendor area, I returned to the classroom to learn the embroidery side of the 12000. It is truly a wonderful machine. Just when I think there is nothing more a machine can do, I find out how wrong I can be. Can you say “low bobbin warning?”
    My day had a huge downside when I left class and dropped my laptop. It seems to be toast. I knew it needed to be replaced, but I have been pushing it. I guess I have to find a way to get a new one. Worst part is that I am posting from my LG Ally. And I am grateful because without it I would be cut off from the internet. Those of you who know me well know exactly how hard that would be for me. Signing off for today. Margaret


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