Janome Institute – Day One

     I had a great day, except for getting up so early to go to the airport. The flight from Detroit to Orlando was uneventful. I wondered, since every other row of seats contained small children. They were all well-behaved, and I even slept a bit.

     Just in case you were wondering, the weather when I left Michigan was just about the same as it was when I arrived in Florida. Hot. Sticky. Maybe next time, Institute will be in Alaska!

     I have a nice room with a king-sized bed. No refrigerator, but the ice machine is right across the hall, so I can cool my wine without a problem. There’s a little balcony that overlooks the roof of another part of the hotel. It is still too hot and sticky to go out there tonight. Perhaps it will be cooler tomorrow.

     My first class was a service class. I took apart a MC11000SE, and put it together again. I didn’t have any parts left over, either. Not bad, I guess.

     And then, tonight, the new Janome Horizon 12000 was unveiled. Wow. It’s beautiful! And it’s huge. Wait until you see the size of the hoops! I can’t even tell you yet how much it will be . . . I don’t find that out until tomorrow. But we will definitely have a show and tell day sometime after October 1, which is the first day we are allowed to show it to our customers. Oh! It has an extra light you can pull out and adjust to point right down at the needle. And it has a magnifying class you can attach so you can see the needle area better. And the straight-stitch plate is EASY to CHANGE! No SCREWS!!!!

     Well — that’s enough for Day One. Stay tuned. I’ll update you tomorrow night, after I spend the entire day learning the new machine. Can’t wait!!!

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