Margaret’s Monday Mash-Ups 7/18/11

We had a great week at River Place Quilt & Sew last week. Maddie Bushman from the Janome Education Department came in to give our customers a Test Drive on the Memory Craft 11000 SE. The ladies who took the class had a lot of fun learning all about the machine, and they made a pincushion that they were able to take home with them. We offered great pricing on the machine last week; we still have a couple machines in the store, and will offer the special pricing until they are gone.

Maddie also demonstrated the Artistic Sewing Suite, which is a new software program. In addition to digitizing designs, this software comes with cutters so you can turn your embroidery machine into a precision cutter to make appliques and cutwork. We had a lot of fun with the software and looking at samples. This suite is a great value for digitizing and getting the most out of your embroidery machine.

Our anniversary sales went well last week, also. We had a lot of fun, sold a lot of $5 items, gave some great discounts, and turned this July into a great month. Thank you for your patronage.

My son is now living in California, and my daughter rode back to Michigan with my husband. They arrived here Saturday morning, many hours ahead of schedule, and we celebrated Saturday night. The next couple weeks are busy ones at my house. We’ll have a lot of fun — and we’ll be pretty tired, too!

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